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Music by Dave Soreff
Dave Soreff

Dave Soreff
Big Island, HI, US

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Hula Lolo Dave Soreff.
A Million Moons
Over Hawaii
Dave Soreff, Rickenbacker B-6 steel
Beyond The Reef Dave Soreff, Supro steel
Drifting And Dreaming Dave Soreff, Rickenbacker B-6 steel
How'd Ya Do Dave Soreff, National D8 steel. B11 tuning.
In a Little Hula Heaven Recorded on my Supro Jet Airliner 8 string with C13 tuning
Lei of Stars It was recorded on my Supro using a B11 Jules Ah See tuning...I did a whole set of R. Alex Anderson songs the other night, and was inspired to try this one out on steel guitar. Track by BIAB with ukulele backing by myself. Hope you all enjoy it.
Night Of Tropic Love Dave Soreff, Rickenbacker B-6 steel
Pua Lilia Dave Soreff, C6/A7 tuning on a Supro Comet.
Song Of Old Hawaii Dave Soreff, Supro Six String steel E13 tuning.
Waikiki Dave Soreff, Supro Six String steel
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