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Music by Kay Das

Kay Das

Kay Das
California, US
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Song of Old Hawaii



This Hawaiian evergreen of 1938 written by Johnny Noble and Gordon Beecher (who was a vice-admiral in the US Navy)has been played or sung by many, from Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour to Alfred Apaka and Owana Salazar. This is my own instrumental arrangement derived from the original score.


I play all instruments: steel, rhythm, bass, sampled sax, voices (Roland E-09) etc. Three steel guitars feature in this arrangement: West Coast (C6 tuning), Steelocaster (A6 tuning), and acoustic Charvel Jackson (open D tuning). Keys of G and E.


I Kona



This tune is often sung at the Hawaiian functions I attend. I first heard a version of it by Dennis Pavao, accompanied by Bobby Ingano's magical steel. Then the Ken Emerson's instrumental version, the version sung by Ledward Ka'apana, then the version by Kai Ho'opi'i.


Here is my interpretation and arrangement of this timeless Hawaiian classic composed by James Kelopolo. Accompaniments to the Steelocaster, on flute, and on bass and rhythm guitars. All tracks by me. Keys of D - E - Ab.

in Paradise

Adventures in Paradise is an American television series of the 60s created by James Michener. The title tune was made famous by The Atlantics, an Australian surf rock band founded in 1961. The group celebrated their 50th Anniversary of their first album this year. Over the years The Atlantics have re-emerged sporadically. In 1999 they reformed on a permanent basis with guitarist Martin Cilia, whom I had the pleasure to play with at Huntingdon Beach about a year ago.


Played here on the Steelocaster, A6 tuning, key of A. The arrangement and all the backing is mine: 
- Roland E-09: strings, rhythm and bass, percussion
- Gibson Chet Atkins: rhythm guitar.

California Blue

"California Blue" was track 5 of Roy Orbison's posthumously released LP in 1989, "Mystery Girl".


Played on the Steelocaster, Key of D, accompanied by : 
Joel Casino: Rhythm guitar 1 (Gibson Humming Bird Artist, 2007)
Gil Mosard : Rhythm Guitar 2: ( Gibson J45, 2005). 
Stratocaster accompaniment and keyboard (Roland E0-9) tracks by me.
Overlays on an original backing track by richard mbt.


Replaced mix 1 with mix 2 (mixdown with slightly accentuated keyboard accompaniment). No change in performances.









This beautiful composition is credited to Herbie Flowers and Ian Gomm, and was first performed by the English/Australian instrumental super-group Sky.


A carillon is a musical instrument consisting of an arrangement of bells typically housed in the bell tower of a church and operated by a keyboard and pedals. An example is Big Ben in London. A carillon has unusual harmonic characteristics with strong overtones above and below the fundamental frequency with acoustic peculiarities by way of the prominence of the minor third.


This plaintive rendition on lap steel guitar featured the Steelocaster, for the first and harmonics ending parts, into an Alessis Quadraverb. For the fuzz timbre the Steelocaster was routed into a Johnson J-station. A Boss foot-pedal FV-300L was used for the first and fuzz timbres. Backing by Ian McCutcheon and Dave Prickett. Additional rhythm guitar (Martin custom) and "carillon" (Roland E-09 sampler) by me. Key of F.


This tune was arranged in rememberance of an old friend in England, who just passed away suddenly.

I Am Hawaii

And while on the James Michener mode (see Adventures in Paradie)...I am Hawai'i, I am forever... A lyrical and haunting melody, written for the 1966 film "Hawaii". It was composed by Elmer Bernstein (April 4, 1922 – August 18, 2004) best known for his many film scores. In a career which spanned fifty years, he composed music for hundreds of film and television productions. "Hawaii" is a 1966 Hollywood film based on the novel of the same name by James A. Michener. Played here in an orchestral setting (conch shell/ strings/cello/ percussion) with steel guitar in a supporting role.The arrangement is mine. The bass track was performed by David Das and all other tracks were performed by me. The keyboard sampler used was the Roland E-09. The steel guitar is the Steelocaster A6. The rhythm guitar was a Martin Custom X. Played in the Key of C.




Time for a Hawaiian number. This pretty tune is most often vocalised. Here is a steel guitar instrumental version. I hope to have done it some justice.... 

Played on West Coast Steelocaster A6 tuning and electro-acoustic Charvel Jackson converted to steel, Dmaj tuning. Key of G. Bass guitar, rhythm guitar and ukulele tracks by Kay Das. 

Maui Waltz

Steel guitar and all tracks by me. Enjoy!

On a White Sandy
Beach in Hawaii
This simple lovely tune was composed by Willie Dan and made famous by the late Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole, more famously known as "IZ."

Played on the Steelocaster A6 tuning, key of F. All backing instruments played by me.


This Leonard Bernstein tune is from the Broadway musical West Side Story. It takes a phrase from the slow movement of Beethoven's 'Emperor' Piano Concerto, which forms the start of the melody, and a longer phrase from Tchaikovsky's final scene of Swan Lake.


This version on steel guitar was played on the Steelocaster run through an Alesis Quadraverb with patch setting #56 (as set for Cavatina) and I used a normal guitar heavy plectrum instead of picks. The amplifier used was a Fender Hotrod. Backing by Gary Taylor and Trevor Spencer of UBHank. Key of D.

Surround Me
With Love



I heard this tune often on KCCN radio during our first visit to Hawaii around thirty years ago, and the magic still remains. Oliver Kelly was the singer. The composition by Norris Wilson and Wayland Holyfield was also recorded by country singer Charly McClain. This arrangement for steel guitar is mine.


Steel guitars: Charvel-Jackson electro-acoustic, open D tuning, and the Steelocaster A6 tuning. Joel Casino plays rhythm guitar, bass, and accompaniment guitar. The cello, accordion, strings, and vibraphone tracks were recorded using Roland E-09 sampled timbres. Key of F.

To You Sweetheart,

During a recent trip to Waikiki, I met up with a talented group with whom I spent many hours jamming at the beach and at Ala Moana Center. One tune that kept coming back was Harry Owens' 1935 hit "To You Sweetheart, Aloha." This recording is dedicated to them and to all the musicians I met in Waikiki.


The main steel guitar lead is played on an electroacoustic Charvel Jackson converted to lap steel, DADF#AD tuning. The synthesizer is a Roland E-09, the rhythm guitar a Martin Custom, and the second steel part is played on the Steelocaster A6 tuning. Key of F. All tracks were played by me and the arrangement is mine, trying to emulate the twin sax and steel guitar of the Billy Vaughn orchestra of the 60's.

Wahine Serenade

This tune was composed by Hank Marvin, and played as an instrumental in his CD, "Would You Believe It."

Derek Kerner plays lead strat and Gary Taylor has the backing credits. Key of E. There are two steel tracks, one with the bridge pick-up selected, and the other with the neck pick-ups selected. 










There's a feeling deep in my heart/ Stabbing at me just like a dart/ It's a feeling heavenly/ I see mem'ries out of the past / Memories that always will last/ Of that place across the sea

Waikiki/ At night when the shadows are falling/ I hear your rolling surf calling/ Calling and calling to me...

Waikiki/ 'Tis for you that my heart is yearning/ My thoughts are always returning/ Out there to you across the sea

Your tropic nights and your wonderful charms/ Are always in my memory/ And I recall as I held in my arms/ An angel sweet and heavenly

Waikiki/ My whole life is empty without you/ I miss that magic about you/ Magic beside the sea/ Magic of Waikiki


Played here by The Orange County Project (Kay Das on steel guitar, Loyal McAvoy on rhythm and lead guitars, Doug Freyre on double bass).

Whispering Sea

There are a few tunes with this name, but in my view none as pretty. Steel guitar and all tracks by me.

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