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Music by Rick Aiello
Rick Aiello

Rick Aiello
Berryville, VA, US
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Aloha Oe Performed on an Aiello Dustpan (# 003) with a "Flattie" steel guitar bar. Band In A Box accompaniment. C6/A7 tuning.
E Mama E Perfomed on an Aiello double-neck eight string "Boobpan" (the short neck). E9 tuning D E F# G# B E  lo->hi).  Band In A Box accompaniment,  Roland  Microcube  amp,  2 oz. flat steel bar.
I'm Getting Sentimental
Over You
Internet recording collaboration between Rick Aiello, Rickenbacker Steel, Mike Neer, Rhythm Guitar, Gerald Ross,  Fender Bass.
Indian Love Call Sierra 8 Laptop Steel with  Aiello hardened steel horseshoe magnets w/ Jason Lollar bobbin.  1970's Fender Twin Reverb amp.
Ke Kali Nei Au
(Hawaiian Wedding Song)
C6/A7 Tuning (C# E G A C E)... Sierra steel retrofitted with an Aiello MRI pickup. Mike Neer on a Michael Dunn guitar.
Kuuipo Excel JB Frypan retrofitted with an  Aiello neodymium base Horseshoe pickup Mike Neer, Rhythm guitar.  C6/A7 tuning.
Waipio Aiello Dustpan cast aluminum steel guitar with an Aiello MRI pickup, Roland MicroCube amplifier.  C6/A7 tuning (C# E G A C E). Mike Neer, Rhythm guitar. 
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