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Music by Slim Pickins Ladrum

Slim Pickins Ladrum

Slim Pickins
Reading, UK


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Blue of the Night

Decided to do this song on the lap steel. I have performed it on pedal steel and have a lesson on my YouTube Channel for beginners. Sounds a little different but I like Bing Crosby.

Aloha Oe

This is the first song I learned.

Beyond the Reef

My second song, one that I was quite familiar with. Again, I kept it quite simple.

Love Letters
in the Sand

This one reminds me of my younger day's listening to Michael Holiday, not too complicated just some easy picking without overloading the melody line.

Red Sails

A relaxing song with thoughts of the South Sea Islands on a summer's evening.

The Hawaiian
Wedding Song

Memories of Elvis singing The Hawaiian Wedding Song... as with all the songs I have kept this one quite simple with the melody line able to come to the front, and hope to do more like this.


About Slim...


75 years old and still playing, I have a Sho-Bud Super Pro and have been playing steel since 1969, I also use a Roland 80X on stage. Bought an Artisan lap steel about 4 years ago, tuned it to C6th and off I went, though I have not used it on stage yet.


I live in England outside a town called READING and was raised here. I did seven years in the army, Parachute Regiment, and while serving learned to play the guitar. Bought my first steel from a gent called Gordon Huntley who played with Mathews Southern Comfort.

All my playing with international artistes began with Rose Maddox, then Tex Ritter, Marvin Rainwater, Don Gibson, Carl Perkins, Dennis Mc Cloud Weaver, and others, so I have had one hell of a good time thru my time in country. At this time I work with an American gent for the last 3 years working old folks homes, an we call ourselves The Silver Surfers and we love it.

Well, that's a little about me, so here are a few tracks off my album called, Bit's and Bob's, a collection of songs I have played over the years, though the Hawaiian tracks are just recent, and intend doing a lot more, hope you enjoy. All the tunes were played on my lap steel that I bought on E Bay. The steel is an ARTISAN tuned to C6th played through a Holy Grail reverb unit then into a FOLIO Notepad 6 channel desk, and into the computer.

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